Episode 130: Mental Health Series – Intersection with Social Injustice w/ Dr. Han Ren

September 27, 2021

For most of us, mental health feels like a very individualized issue. However, have you ever stopped to think about how your mental health intersects with the world at large and the social injustice you are seeing in it?

Today’s guest has put tons of time and effort into learning about the intersection of mental health and social injustice. She is working on the front lines of expanding what’s happening in the therapy room to the rest of the world we live in. Her name is Dr. Han Ren.

As I shared in previous episodes, I’ve learned so much from therapists on Instagram and Dr. Han Ren is one of them. Not only is she a psychologist and therapist but she’s also a speaker and educator. Her goal is to decolonize mental health.

Today we are talking all about this work that she does. Whether you come from a place of privilege and want to learn how to expand your mindset on your mental health or you come from a place of marginalization and need support and healing, you will benefit greatly from this conversation. Tune in to hear from the vibrant Dr. Han Ren.

Show Highlights:

  • All about the work Dr. Ren is doing.
  • The kind of clients she works with.
  • Why many children of immigrants grow up to be high-achievers and perfectionists.
  • What pushes these clients to start getting therapy.
  • How to balance healing your mental health and healing the brokenness in the world.
  • How systematic injustice disproportionately hurts the mental health of people of color.
  • The dangers of physical punishment.
  • How many people of color confuse culture with generational trauma.
  • Why we should always believe a person of color if they say an act of violence was about race.
  • How to become a co-conspirator instead of a “savior” when coming from a position of power.
  • The pushback on these things in the mental health space.

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