Episode 128: Mental Health Series – Anxiety w/ Dr. Erin Underbrink

August 30, 2021

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health struggles. At least it is for my family. I grew up in an anxious family, my husband struggles with some anxiety, and, as a result, we have two pretty anxious kids. So, in this episode, we are diving into all things anxiety in childhood and parenting.

Here to discuss this topic with me is my co-host for this series, Dr. Joseph Lee, along with today’s special guest, Dr. Erin Underbrink. Erin is a clinical psychologist who was part of a pediatric treatment group. In our conversation, we talk about how anxiety may present itself in children and the best ways for parents to help them through it. Erin also provides some amazing encouragement for all of us parents who struggle with anxiety right alongside our children. 

This is a difficult topic to talk about but that just means it’s extremely important that we discuss it. Tune in to hear our conversation and learn all about anxiety and parenting.

Show Highlights:

  • What exchanging anxiety means.
  • Current anxiety trends.
  • What exposure and response prevention are and why they are so important.
  • How to help our kids increase their tolerance for anxiety.
  • The difference between competency and control.
  • The biggest challenges for anxious parents trying to raise anxious kids.
  • When to bring your child to therapy.
  • How to support your child with death anxiety.
  • The difference between dealing with anxiety as a kid and as an adult.
  • The problem with trying to fix ourselves.
  • When anxiety is healthy and when it becomes overreactive.
  • Encouragement for those struggling with anxiety about the pandemic.

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