Episode 127: Mental Health Series Introduction w/ Dr. Joseph Lee

August 16, 2021

Today I am launching a podcast series on how to care for our children’s mental health and flourishing. Although I struggle plenty with mental health myself, I am not a licensed expert in the subject. Therefore, I’m bringing my friend, Joseph Lee, onto the show.

Joseph Lee is a psychiatrist and previous guest from episode 43. In his episode, we talked about how conservative Christian parenting does not align very well with child development and modern parenting best practices. Now, he is going to be joining us for this series as the co-host.

This episode will be an introductory episode on mental health. We’re going to talk about parenting and mental health in general. In the following episodes, we will have various experts come in to discuss how parents can help their children with anxiety and neurodiversity. We’ll even have an episode on the intersection of social injustice and mental health. 

Even if these are not topics your family is specifically wrestling with, I believe it will be a rich and beneficial series to tune into. Learning about these issues helps us create a kinder world for all the kids who do struggle with mental health. For now, join us for episode one!

Show Highlights:

  • Joseph’s history with mental health and how his parents addressed it.
  • How growing up in the conservative Christian church can exacerbate mental health issues.
  • The stigma around mental health.
  • The resources that are emerging online for mental health management.
  • How emotions point to unmet needs.
  • How to nurture our kids so that they will eventually develop autonomy.
  • The power of naming our feelings.
  • Why emotions should be seen as neutral.
  • Mental health vs. mental illness.
  • Why therapy is so critical in the stressful world we live in.
  • When parents should turn to mental health professionals.
  • Why Joseph doesn’t do biblical counseling.
  • How the pandemic exposed social inequalities.

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