Episode 126: Little Justice Leaders w/ Shelby Kretz

August 2, 2021

By now you should know that the goal of this podcast is to help you raise conscious citizens. What you may not know is how to actually do that. Raising conscious citizens sounds like a lot of work. Not only do we have to re-parent ourselves with consciousness but we then have to find the exact right words to say to our kids regarding citizenship and justice.

If this is something you struggle with, I have a fantastic gift for you today. Shelby Kretz, the founder of Little Justice Leaders, is joining us in this episode. 

Little Justice Leaders is a subscription box company that acts as a tool and resource for parents and teachers who are doing their best to raise conscious citizens. Every month you can get a box on a different social justice theme with everything you need to introduce that topic to children. Tune in to hear more from Shelby about her company and how to have conversations about current events and other social issues with your kids.

Show Highlights:

  • How Shelby came to found Little Justice Leaders.
  • The biggest challenges parents and teachers have when talking to kids about justice issues.
  • Why parents and teachers need to take the pressure off themselves.
  • How talking with our kids about social justice makes them more resilient.
  • How to make justice issues relevant to kids.
  • The importance of reminding your kids that they’re safe.
  • How to figure out which topics to bring up with your kids.
  • How Shelby explains complex social justice issues in an age-appropriate way but without watering them down.
  • What scaffolding is and how to utilize it.

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