Episode 124: Parenting on Tik Tok with Destini Ann

June 28, 2021

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot about one certain Tik Toker. Because I hang out in parenting spaces a lot, I hear about cool new voices and parenting influencers pretty quickly. 

In this case, my community has been raving about how much they love this Tik Toker. I’ve started seeing her videos all over the place and they’re truly amazing. Her name is Destini Ann.

Destini and I met a couple of weeks ago and when we did I soon realized that she hadn’t been around as long as I’d thought. She blew up on Tik Tok semi-recently after just a couple of her videos went viral. Destini makes videos where she coaches parents and offers them her experience from a nonjudgemental place. Today we are discussing some of those videos together and what her journey of parenting on Tik Tok has been like so far.

Show Highlights:

  • Why our toddlers hitting us can be triggering.
  • How to train yourself out of that trigger reaction.
  • Why acceptance is so important as a parent.
  • Why Destini uses scripts in her Tik Toks.
  • The balance between displaying our highlight reel and our real-life moments on social media.
  • What our kids can teach us about freedom.
  • How to express our needs to our kids without blaming them.
  • Destini’s process of moving away from permissive parenting.
  • How she navigates positive parenting as a black woman.
  • The importance of providing a safe space for black parents.

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