Episode 113: Parenting Forward with a Rebel Girl w/ Francesca Cavallo

February 8, 2021

So many of us who grew up in evangelicalism just wanted to be good. We lived in fear of not being good and therefore losing God’s love. 

This was even more prominent for those of us who are natural storytellers. Not only do we experience religious trauma but we let it embed deeply into the story of our lives. We allow it to enter deep recesses of our imagination which are so keen to accepting stories.

Francesca Cavallo is one such storyteller. She was on the podcast a while back and, when she was, I immediately recognized that we were kindred spirits. Francesca has been through significant spiritual trauma that has shaped her own story. Through her writing, she is now pioneering a path in children’s publishing that is bold and revolutionary. Tune in to hear a conversation Francesca and I had on her Instagram Live where we talked about Parenting Forward, cultivating healthy spirituality in our children, and how toxic religious teachings have taken their toll on dreamers everywhere.

Show Highlights:

  • The abusive spiritual environment in which I grew up.
  • How I came to realize that I wanted to spend my life talking about parenting and religious trauma.
  • Francesca’s religious experience in childhood and how it shaped her.
  • How to nurture spirituality in our children without passing on religious trauma.
  • Why it’s important to talk about big issues with our children and allow them to participate in civil activities.
  • Spiritual child protection policies we can use when we talk to our kids about spirituality.
  • The importance of teaching our kids another spiritual language.
  • How to figure out which spiritual practices speak to your unique child.
  • Why we should give our kids the choice to have their own ideas about religion.
  • How to accept and learn from our children’s versions of reality.
  • What to do if you don’t believe but don’t want to take that option away from your kids.

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