Episode 111: Parenting After Purity Culture

January 25, 2021

Over the summer, I posted a Twitter thread about recovering from purity culture. I wasn’t specifically addressing the parenting audience, but it easily applies and is very important to the parenting conversation. Just like how the sex talk should not be a one-time conversation with our kids, recovery requires ongoing conversations. 

So, for our last episode in this January series on sex, sexuality, and purity culture, I wanted to bring back the episode where I expanded upon that Twitter thread.

There are so many prerequisites for recovery before a good, healthy sex talk can happen. These are the very issues I’m delving into today. If you were raised in purity culture or simply want to learn from the perspective of those who were, tune in. You’ll hear a thorough discussion on the fears and confusion from which those of us recovering from purity culture must be healed in order to be the best parents we can be.

Show Highlights:

  • What boundaries are and how to develop and stick to them.
  • How to raise kids to know what they like and don’t like.
  • The importance of enjoying pleasure for its own sake.
  • The fear tactic of the slippery slope.
  • Discerning the difference between privacy and secrecy.
  • Moving beyond literal thinking into nuanced thinking.

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