Parenting Forward - Episode 11

Episode 11: Carol Howard Merritt – Healing Spiritual Wounds

August 13, 2018


Show Notes:

Important to Parenting Forward is the practice of parenting ourselves, specifically, to name our past wounds and engage in the work of healing. Breaking cycles of pain and shame means dealing with our own childhood trauma first. In this show, I invite author, speaker, and pastor, Carol Howard Merritt, who wrote the book, Healing Spiritual Wounds, to address how we might move through our spiritual wounds to give our kids the best chance of healthy spirituality.

We talk about

  • how to form a healthy image of God,
  • how evangelism violates a child’s spiritual autonomy,
  • how we can shape our child’s perception of emotions and their body.

Carol is insightful and pastoral. You will love her voice. Enjoy the show!

Links (affiliates included):

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