Episode 107: You Can’t Say You Don’t Like Kids w/ Anna Skates

December 28, 2020

Many adults believe that kids don’t have much to contribute to society. It’s very common to brush them aside as “not quite people yet.” This is one of the biggest reasons I started this podcast. I want to push against this belief and advocate for the rights of children.

In this episode, I’m talking with a friend who wholeheartedly agrees. Anna Skates has a new endeavor called Otterly, whose mission aligns perfectly with our mission here at Parenting Forward. They also believe that kids have great things to contribute and that they are very important to this world. We are kindred spirits is our desire to advocate for kids to be treated as full human beings, just as they are. 

Anna has worked with kids in various capacities. I’ve loved following her journey and have been so moved by her persistence to ensure children are treated with justice. Tune in to hear more about Otterly and how to treat kids as equals.

Show Highlights:

  • The story behind Anna’s passion to advocate for kids’ flourishing.
  • How she responds to people who argue that we must treat kids differently than adults.
  • Why say that you don’t like kids is wrong.
  • How understanding developmental stages helps us see children as full people.
  • Who Anna wants to serve with Otterly and how.

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