Episode 101: How to Be Assertive During Thanksgiving

November 16, 2020


Show Description

Today’s episode will be a rapid-fire Q & A. My goal has always been and always will be to make sure I’m doing my very best here on the podcast to serve you and meet your needs. So, in order to do this, I run a poll every once in a while and ask all of you what you want me to address. I did this again recently and got some fantastic questions and suggestions. 

Throughout the episode, I’m going to be tackling all of the questions and issues that were raised in response to my poll. Some of the things we’ll be discussing include how to be assertive as an adult with our fundamental families at Thanksgiving. Tune in to hear my insights on navigating the complex realities of relationships within the family and parenting well in a variety of situations. 

Show Highlights:

  • What’s at the core of wanting to be assertive with family.
  • How to clearly state your boundaries.
  • How to know when to disengage.
  • How to create a Christian community with structure but without inflexible hierarchies.
  • How to stay calm and gentle throughout the holiday season.
  • How to set your child up to have a strong foundation of faith.
  • How to parent for an apocalypse.

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