Episode 105: Holidays with Religious Trauma w/ Brian Peck & Laura Anderson

December 14, 2020

We’re back with another special holiday episode of Parenting Forward! However, instead of doing something festive, we’re going to be talking about religious trauma again. I know that holidays are the worst when we have family issues to deal with. It’s only worse when we have religious family issues. That is why I brought on today’s guests, Brian Peck and Laura Anderson.

Brian and Laura are religious therapists with the Religious Trauma Institute. They have been on the show for multiple episodes in the past and I am so excited to get to bring them back on. In this episode, we are addressing some of the issues people and parents, in particular, have during the holiday season if they are survivors of religious trauma. If you struggle with this yourself or know someone who does, tune in to hear how to navigate the holidays well.

Show Highlights:

  • Why having a trauma response to religion is an issue especially during the holidays.
  • How to plan for and respond to being asked to pray.
  • How to make sure our kids feel free to be their authentic selves.
  • The religious trauma that can come with Santa.
  • How to celebrate and talk about Santa in a way that feels safe to you.
  • Christmas music and how to manage its triggers.
  • How to reinvent and reclaim holiday traditions for you and your family.

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