My Daughter and the Gilmore Girls

August 14, 2012

I know it’s totally last decade but I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls while I exercise on my treadmill.  Some nights when Jason is working I’ll watch some episodes in bed by myself.  He won’t watch it with me, go figure.  Last night he walked in on me tearing up to Luke and Lorelai breaking up.  It’s just SO sad!!!  Yes I get a tad involved in my dramas, it’s a good thing.  It means I am empathetic.

Anyway, my dear daughter who is nine years of age, begs me to let her watch with me.  She, being the mini-me that she is, also leans towards the dramatic side.  Like any human, sensible mother, I say no (it’s not a show for children, come on) and then cave (I’m tired, there’s no will left to fight).  I wince a bit whenever a “what the he$$” pops up, or a “da$m” slips in.  I recoil as “adult themes” are referenced. It’s quite stressful watching a show keenly aware of a nine year old’s perspective, I don’t recommend it.

Last night she inevitably asks again.

“Please, please, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?”

“No, honey, I just want to relax, I’m sorry.”

“Why?”  Flashback to the three year old life stage.

“Because I get nervous watching it with you knowing there are parts that aren’t appropriate.”

“Why is it inappropriate? Give me one example.” Oh geez, brain cells dying slow and painful deaths.

“Well, it’s a show about a mother who has a daughter without a husband.  I don’t want you thinking that’s what you want to grow up doing.”

“Moooom (yes, just in that pre-teen sassy tone you’re imagining in your head)!!  I don’t WANT babies, you know that!  Give me another example.”

“…”  Seriously, Cindy, two examples.  One plus one example, and you couldn’t even come up with it.

“Honey, it’s a show for adults. If you watch it, you’re like an adult, and your childhood is way too short as it is, I want you to enjoy just being a child.” I don’t even know why I say things like that, it makes me sound like an old geezer.

“Moooom (yep, for the next decade, I better get used to it)!! I’ll still play with my friends and stuff, I won’t turn into an adult.”

I think we went back and forth a few more times, or maybe not.  I just caved again and had another anxious evening of the Gilmore Girls.

Don’t judge me, friends, unless you’ve got a better idea of communicating to your nine year old daughter why they shouldn’t watch Gilmore Girls with you.