Life Changers – Podcast Edition

November 27, 2014


Before I move on with this week’s Life Changers, I just want to take a moment to address the #FergusonDecision which seems to have taken over all my social media feeds in a storm of high emotions and turmoil. Although I am not American, I know most of my readers are, and I just want to express my deep regret over the pain this is causing the country. Black lives matter, all lives matter. This is not just an American issue because it’s about human life, and that makes it a justice issue, which makes it a gospel issue. There are many incredible thought leaders speaking cries for justice and reconciliation. Please listen, lament, learn, and pray. As I am.

This week, instead of sharing the best pieces I’ve read, I thought I would switch things up and share what goes on in my earbuds. Podcasts. I have a 35 minute commute to work, as well as a daily 20 minute walk with my dog, in which I fill with podcasts. I love it and I’m always on the look out for quality programs.

Because I am a faith writer, the podcasts I listen to fall into two broad categories: writing/publishing/entrepreneurship and religion/theology.


Homebrewed Christianity

cover170x170I have been listening to Homebrewed the longest – probably for the past 2-3 years – with some breaks in between. This is a heavily nerdy podcast that is not for someone who is unfamiliar with theological language. Even with a masters degree in theology, I struggle to keep up with the intellectual intensity. The idea behind the podcast is to introduce listeners to a broad range of Christian thought leaders so that we can “brew our own” theology. And I have certainly benefited from hearing Christian perspectives I’ve never been exposed to, especially coming from a conservative evangelical background. Many of my blog posts have been inspired from Homebrewed conversations. Thanks Tripp and Bo – keep up the excellent work!

The Moonshine Jesus Show







That God Show

cover170x170-1are two other progressive Christian podcasts I tune in to. Mark Sandlin & David Henson(Moonshine), Matthew Paul Turner & Benjamin Corey (That God Show) talk about current events or hot topics, play fun twitter games (I love hashtag games!), and talk theology in easily accessible conversations.


If you haven’t noticed that these theology conversations consists mainly of white men, let me take a moment to point that out. This needs to change. I appreciate these guys so much, but we need female and colored voices. Please invite these voices on your shows, all!

The Liturgists Podcast


This is a relatively new and upcoming podcast creating a liturgical experience through word and music. Michael Gungor is one of show hosts, and I loved his book. I found this podcast via Rachel Held Evans, who was in one of the shows. I look forward to tuning in future episodes.



On Being by Krista Tippett


I wouldn’t put this one under religion/theology even though religion is a frequent topic. It discusses all the big questions of life and “on being”. It is the most intelligent, articulate, insightful podcast and I am always a better person after having tuned in. Please, you must try it.




The Portfolio Life 

cover170x170Jeff Goin’s “You Are a Writer” was a great encouragement to me in embarking on a writing life, so I have been following his advice ever since. His podcast is interesting and inspirational featuring many successful authors and entrepreneurs.


How They Blog


There are so many blogs out there and I’m always interested in how other people do it. Why they blog, how they blog, who they blog for. I really like Kat Lee, the host, she speaks clearly and provides a lot of additional insight herself in conversation with those she interviews.


Longform Podcast

cover170x170Longform interviews non fiction writers and explores the art of telling stories. It is consistently quality and great introduction to many good writers.



Inspiration for Entrepreneurs



Kimberly Geswein is an IRL friend. She is fabulous and my favorite podcast of hers is when she interviewed her daughter, a ten year old entrepreneur! Ever since then I have been secretly pushing my kids to post youtube videos as a business. So inspirational!


Just a couple more:



This is kind of a naughty one with explicit ratings. Don’t listen to this one in the car out loud with the kiddos! I love Stephanie Drury, who runs the popular Facebook group Stuff Christian Culture Likes, and I love her friend Simone Turkington’s infectious laugh (and accent)!


Happy Hour 

cover170x170I discovered this one when the host interviewed Jamie the VWM, which, if you follow this blog you know I’m a big fan! It feels like you’re just listening in on fun girlfriend conversation. This podcast is fun and generally very lighthearted. I tune in to this one when I’m cooking or running errands.


That’s it! I hope you found something you might be interested in trying.

I am always on the look out for new podcasts to listen to. Even with all of the above, I still find times when there aren’t any new episodes to listen to. So, please let me know if you know of any good podcasts – link in comment section! Also, I am not entirely happy with my iPhone podcast app – it’s funky and inconsistent. If you know of a good way to listen to podcasts – help a sister out, thanks!