Life Changers 6/5/15

June 5, 2015


If you don’t know by now, I am a HUGE podcast listener. I tune into podcasts in the car, while I do chores, during grocery shopping–stimulating conversation to go along with mundane tasks? I’m in. This week, in particular, I had copious amounts of time in the car during my commute so I was able to listen to quite a few–some good, some not so good, don’t worry, I’ll only share the good ones. (You can find some of my previous recommendations here.)

The most recent non-reality-show-star related religion news is the PEW survey which came out with revealing information regarding religion trends in America. Many voices chimed in with unique analysis and responses, myself included, but you should not miss Diana Butler Bass and Paul Raushenbush’s discussion of it at the HuffingtonPost All Together Podcast. DBB has been talking about these “recent” trends, um, no less than three years ago.


My latest new find is the nomad* Podcast, because I am a fan of talking evangelical in non-American voices, ahem. I’m slowly going through their archives, but really enjoyed the conversation “How to Read the Bible Like Jesus” with Derek Flood. I also found this gem which caught my attention: an interview with Krista Tippett on the Art of Listening. She is the host of the award winning podcast, On Being, which I cannot recommend more highly, and it was refreshing to listen to her as the interview-ee. She is brilliant. I have a massive crush on her, theological and otherwise (<==that’s a joke from the show, you have to be there.)


One more podcast recommendation before moving on to summer book reading lists. The RobCast by the Rob Bell is one of the most popular podcasts on spirituality and inspiration IN THE WORLD. I am completely fascinated by Rob Bell’s career path to fame because it is so interesting with many surprising twists and turns. My favorite thing about Rob Bell is his contagious, genuine curiosity about everything in the world. You want to get excited about what he’s excited about because he’s SO excited about it. Don’t miss this interview with the altogether wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, whose books I can’t get into, but whose social media personality wins me over. She is the real deal.

Not only is Elizabeth awesome, her accountant is awesome. He tells Elizabeth everyday there are two miracles, first we get to wake up and realize we’ve been given another chance, and second is the moment we go to sleep and we get to put every mistake behind us. Go listen for more tales of the wise accountant.


Alright, onto summer reading fun. My annual summer routine is to read one non fiction, one fiction, one theology nerd book, one memoir, and one chick lit. Because I am hoping to get started on my second book, I will probably be limited to reading research for it, but don’t let that stop YOU from reading fun books. Modern Mrs. Darcy has a great list for every category. For those of you with kiddos in your home and you want them to read something more substantial than Captain Underpants, check out this list. And for Christian church leaders, here’s a list from Harper One. Hope that gets you started with some ideas. Happy reading!

Option A is not available. So let’s just kick the shit out of option B.

When tragedy occurs, we are given a choice, says Sheryl Sandberg re: the sudden death of her husband a month ago. She is gracious to share the wisdom of grief, love, and kicking shit out of option B when option A cannot return. Beautiful manifesto for the grieving. Read here.

Author Chimamanda Ngozi is well known for her grace, wit, and advocacy for feminism. Her commencement address to Wellesley College covers profound advice on what it means to be human.

Now girls are often raised to see love only as giving. Women are praised for their love when that love is an act of giving. But to love is to give AND to take.

It is my dream that the church would be at the forefront of championing equality for women and girls. In this brief video clip Sarah Thebarge talks about how we all, as the Body of Christ, suffers when women aren’t given equal leadership roles in church.

What changed your life this week?