Life Changers – 11/13/15

November 13, 2015

Raising Children Unfundamentalist Banner

I am SUPER EXCITED to launch a brand new Facebook Group titled after my blog series, Raising Children UnFundamentalist. Here is the description for the group:

This is a group for Christian parents who are committed to raising their kids in a faith that isn’t hierarchical, controlling and fundamentalist. We are parents who want to see our children desire mercy and not sacrifice, to grow up walking in the ways of Jesus for peace, righteousness, and wholeness. We share articles, resources, and personal reflections of our own parenting journey here.

I am stoked to invite my blog readers to join this group. I find that most Christian parenting resources come from the conservative end of the theological spectrum, and I am frustrated by this vacuum. But I need your help to fill it – let’s find resources and ideas on parenting children from an unFundamentalist perspective. Please share this link on your social media and help me grow this community:

Thank you x a million!!

On to a few Life-Changing links this week. I don’t have too many for you, mostly because the Christian internet seems to have been taken over by #CupGate2015, the ridiculous brouhaha over Starbucks changing their cup design to a simplistic red. There’s been many think-pieces criticizing it, but here is one of the best ones I read, “The Inanity of the Starbucks Christmas Cup ‘Controversy'”, thank you Sarah Pulliam Bailey for tweeting it out:

Insofar as the Great Starbucks Cup Controversy of 2015 is at all meaningful, it’s a chance to examine the way mass culture gets created and enforced by corporations, and also to look at how damaging trivial pushback against that mass culture can be.

Mihee Kim-Kort says she doesn’t care what goes on the outside of cups, but what goes in it. A clever retort to culture’s obsession over a silly controversy instead of focusing on more important and serious issues like glamorizing rape culture. Bad Bloomingdale’s bad! When Spiking Your Best Friend’s Drink is Okay.

Let’s get this straight. It’s never okay to spike your best friend’s drink. It’s never okay to spike your friend’s drink. It’s never okay to spike your date’s drink. It’s never okay to spike anyone’s drink. Period.

This. This is the best thing I saw this week. What a beautiful and human and inspiring story. It’s going to be okay, by the Oatmeal.



I finally charged my bluetooth earphone for some podcast enjoyment. This week, I loved Asian America Ken Fong interviewing Randall Park, who is the star of the wildly popular sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat. Check it out!

As well I loved hearing Brad Jersak on the latest episode of the Nomad Podcast. Brad continues to perpetuate the firmly cemented stereotype in my mind of the Nice Canadian. Be sure to listen to the podcast to learn more about A More Christlike God.

What changed your life this week? Please leave links in the comment section! Happy weekend!