Life Changers 10/25/13

October 25, 2013

A little hyperbole never hurt anyone.

The things I invest time reading, making, watching, admiring; they make me who I am. In that sense, they do change my life. I only share, because I care. Enjoy!

I have such MAD respect for photographers. The patience, perseverance, and imagination it requires in massive proportions to capture an image communicating volumes beyond the visual aesthetic. It’s pure talent. Check out these wildlife shots from the Atlantic and read some of the “behind the scenes” comments from the photographers who took them. Astounding.

Here another photographer documents his girlfriend’s journey through cancer, truly heartbreaking but beautiful.

There is a sound humans involuntarily emit in life’s most unadulterated moments of joy or agony. It is the grunt of a laboring mother, the wail at the sudden news of loss, the cry of sexual ecstasy. Here is an example of a father’s disbelieving excitement over his son’s report of triumph. Hear the sound he makes and share in his profound papa pride.

Parents with college-bound children take note: engineering rakes in the dough, Kindergarten teachers, do not. Funny thing, all engineers start out in an K classroom, don’t they?

“Is Pepsi okay?” is my favorite tongue-in-cheek branding. Check out 20 others, some of them are so true!Image

I commute 35-40 minutes for my job so I am always armed with a goodly amount of podcasts to listen to. Being the theology nerd I am, most of them are fairly geeky theology stuff. Here’s one I recently discovered and have already devoured 3-4 of them this week!

I have been striking out on my reading table. Started reading What Alice Forgot and I’m sorta interested in finding out what happens to Alice but am frankly a little bored. So I started reading a book by philosopher Miraslov Volf who I follow on Facebook and always appreciate his posts, but this book was clearly written for intense academic critique – no thanks! Panic starts to set in as I find myself without a good book (the travesty!). Thank God for Anne Lamott who always, always delivers. Reading Anne is like a brisk walk in the Fall – crisp air pushing out the stale heat while the warm colors soothes one’s soul.

Of course, the iPad Mini WILL change my life. Been waiting for the retina display update and it has (finally) arrived.

Lastly, this one is for my husband. It’s a test to see if he’s reading my blog. Honey, here’s your supportive husband reward: happy 75th anniversary to Superman.

What changed your life this week?