Backlash Against Lauren Daigle

December 11, 2018

I have been living under a rock a little bit because I missed the whole backlash against Lauren Daigle for her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres

To be fair, it’s more like I willfully ignored it because on the scale of 1-10 of how interested I am in evangelical culture wars, it’s a big fat negative eighty six. It pulls me back into a space that brought me a lot of unhappiness, ya know? 

But since it was all over my feed, I went on EllenTube to also check out her voice which I have heard is amazing, and found this in the comment section:

“Thank you Ellen for bringing her on your show. Thanks to you, now many more people will hear the message of our Savior! It’s all for his Glory.”

…because Ellen is being “used” as a tool of God for God’s glory.
…because art can only have value if it is a vessel of evangelism
…because Christians getting platform opportunities is surely a sign that they are #blessed
…because Lauren Daigle and her team’s hard work is completely dismissed since it’s ALL for God’s glory
…because evangelical celebrities is a sign of God’s favor towards a society/nation

It all gives me both a headache and a heartache. These popular Christian teachings mess people up, every single one of them, in pervasive ways for a long, long time. 

SMH #EmptyThePews